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JobOn Corp

JobOn is changing the way that seekers find and apply for jobs, and how employers hire. The company was named a Top 15 Startup by CNBC, Top 50 Innovation by Restaurant Magazine and has been featured by Inc., Entrepreneur, and Recruiter Magazines. JobOn provides video enabled job application technology to thousands of hiring companies. Job seekers complete a basic profile and record responses to interview questions using their Web cam. Employers can quickly asses talent on their schedule. JobOn is a On-Demand Job Fair for busy hiring managers.

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Job Description

JobOn Sales Development Representative is responsible for generating and qualifying new opportunities.  This position requires someone who is tenacious, courageous and professional.  In this position you will be developing 90% of the leads you will follow. 

You will be working for an emerging company with innovative technology that saves its customers both time and money.  The opportunity for this product includes restaurants, retail stores, hotels, auto dealers and more.  Nearly every town in the country has thousands of prospective customers that are easy to identify.  JobOn serves a very large market so your brand name will not always get you in the door and there is a significant amount of ground work that goes into finding stakeholders.  A typical week will consist of: 

  1. Use on-line and other resources to identify prospects and find contact information
  2. Connect with prospects and demonstrate the product
  3. Pursue opportunities and maintain a growing funnel
  4. Close sales with the assistance of JobOn leadership 
JobOn has a low price point and offers lucrative compensation plan for new business.